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1. Uber and Lyft ordered by California judge to classify drivers as employees

Uber and Lyft are in trouble. They may have to pay their drivers.

The court says that Uber and Lyft drivers are employees, not contractors. This means that Uber and Lyft have to pay their drivers more money, and give them more benefits. This will make Uber and Lyft less profitable, and they will have to charge their customers more money. The drivers will have to work longer hours to make the same amount of money. The court is probably wrong about this, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

3. The tragic physics of the deadly explosion in Beirut

The explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, was so big that it was as powerful as 6 million pounds of high explosives. It was the biggest non-nuclear explosion ever.

A shock wave is an area of high pressure. A pressure wave is a period of time over which the pressure increases more gradually. The shock wave in this case is caused by the sudden release of the pressure that was holding the water in the air. When it's released, the water vapor condenses into a cloud of water droplets.

5. Cloud Traffic

Cloud TrafficSearch I recently watched Build an enterprisegrade service mesh with Traffic Director featuring Stewart Reichling and Kelsey Hightower of GCP and of course Google Clouds Traffic Director Coming at this with a brain steeped in 5 years of AWS technology and culture was surprising in ways that seem worth sharing Stewart presents the problem of a retail apps shoppingcart checkout code Obviously first you need to call a payment service However its implemented this needs to be a synchronous call because youre not going to start any fulfillment

The API is a set of rules that lets you do something, and when you follow the rules, the computer does what you want. When you don't follow the rules, the computer does something else. It's not magic. It's just a set of rules that computers can follow.

7. U.S. Marshals Service online auction – Fyre festival fraud scheme

Contact Usauctiontxauctioncom 5122512780Toggle navigationHomeUS MarshalsMy AccountMy Contact InfoWatchlistItems Im Bidding OnCurrent InvoicesPast InvoicesRecently Won ItemsCalendarServicesInterested In SellingInterested In BuyingCompanyMeet Our TeamFAQNot RegisteredHomeAuctions081320 US Marshals Service National Online Auction Fyre Festival fraud schemeAll Items081320 US Marshals Service National Online Auction Fyre Festival fraud schemeUS Marshals selling items from

The organizer of a music festival is selling stuff that didn't sell at the music festival.

9. The Clean Network – United States Department of State

We call on all freedomloving nations and companies to join the Clean Network program. The Clean Network is the Trump Administration's comprehensive approach to safeguarding the nations assets, including citizens' privacy and companies' most sensitive information from aggressive intrusions by malign actors such as the Chinese Communist Party. The Clean Network addresses the longterm threat to data privacy security, human rights, and principled collaboration posed to the free world from authoritarian malign actors. The Clean Network is rooted in internationally accepted digital trust standards.

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10. Over 400 vulnerabilities on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip

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11. What's it like to be an Octopus? (2017)

In 1815, 15 years before he made his most famous print, The Great Wave, Hokusai published three volumes of erotic art. In one of them there is a woodcut print known in English as The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife and in Japanese as Tako to ama. It depicts a naked woman lying on her back, legs spread and eyes closed while a huge red octopus performs cunnilingus on her. The octopus's slit eyes bulge between the woman

Its an old trope in Sci Fi that alien intelligences would be so different from us that we couldnt even begin to comprehend them Octopuses belie that idea although we share some DNA our last common ancestors barely had a nervous system so any similarities in cognition between us really are the product of paralllel evolution And since their environments are also very different from ours this parallel evoution clearly hints that there is something universal in this consciousness we share something that seems to want to evolve to similar parameters

13. Launch HN: Rally.Video (YC S20) – Dynamic video platform for social groups

A place where you can talk to people, and see them, and hear them, and they can see you, and hear you.

The author is saying that when we are in a group, we are not just talking to the people right next to us, but we are also talking to the people all around us. We hear the people next to us, but we also hear the people behind us, and the people in front of us, and the people on either side of us. And we hear them better than we hear the people next to us.

15. The Tinkerings of Robert Noyce (1983)

A man owned a whole town. He said that if you drank alcohol in the town, you would lose the right to live there. That rule was still in effect 100 years later. People who had known the man were still alive. They didn't want to drink in their own homes, because they were afraid they would lose their homes.

If you do something that is not wrong, you should not feel guilty about it. If you feel guilty about something that is not wrong, you are doing something wrong.

16. A look back at memory models in 16-bit MS-DOS

In the old days, there were different ways of storing data and instructions in a computer.

When DOS loads a program, it reads the first 64Kb into memory. The first 64Kb of the program is read in and put into the computer's memory. Then, the computer starts executing that program. When the program starts, it uses a special kind of pointer called a near pointer. Near pointers are like normal pointers, but they can only point to the first 64Kb of memory. That means that near pointers can only point to the part of memory that DOS put in when

17. React v17.0 Release Candidate: No New Features

Black Lives Matter SupporttheEqualJusticeInitiativeReactDocsTutorialBlogCommunityv16131 LanguagesGitHubReact v170 Release Candidate No New FeaturesAugust 10 2020 by Dan Abramov and Rachel NaborsToday we are publishing the first Release Candidate for React 17 It has been two and a half years since the previous major release of React which is a long time even by our standards In this blog post we will describe the role of this major release what changes you can expect in

The React team knows how to keep backward compatibility, so if your app works with version N, it will work with version N+1.

19. Wiltshire valley locals build their own mobile phone network

This is a story about a group of people in a small town in England who didn't have any cell phone service. They wanted to have cell phone service, so they worked hard to get cell phone service. They were able to get cell phone service for their town.

If you are a Native American living on a reservation, the government has a special rule that lets you use some of the radio spectrum to build your own internet network. You can do this because there is no cable or fiber optic internet in your area. The government wants to help you, because they know how important it is to have internet access.

20. Where do argc and argv come from?

When you type in a command, like ls, the computer runs a program called ls. When you type in ls -l, the computer runs a program called ls and it gives it the -l argument. The -l argument is a flag. It's a way of telling the program to do something different.

In Linux, after the argc, argv, and envp (environment variables) comes the auxv. The kernel uses it to store information about the system. It contains 16 random bytes, used to construct stack canaries and function pointer encryption keys. It also contains a flag specifying if the program is setuid and therefore security sensitive. It can be helpful for programmers to check hardware capabilities without a trip to cpuid. This is true for ELF not just Linux. It need not be

22. Sketching Realistic Graphs (2005)

"The study found that the more sons a man has, the more likely he is to vote Republican. However, the study also found that the more sons a man has, the more likely he is to have a low IQ. Therefore, the study found that the more sons a man has, the more likely he is to vote Republican, but it cannot be concluded that having sons makes a man more likely to vote Republican."

If you practice drawing cartoon characters, you will get better at it. If you practice drawing scatterplots, you will get better at it.

24. Show HN: MyDeskTour – Show off your desk setup

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The site needs a loading indicator because I thought it was blank when I went to httpsmydesktourcomexplore and saw it was blank. Longer explanation: I originally came up with the idea when I was looking for a new mouse for my WFH setup. There are hundreds of product review sites but nothing like seeing what other people use. I know there are many popular subreddits like rbattlestations or rworkspaces and even sites like deskhuntcom mysetupco your

26. A picture of change for a world in constant motion

"It is the year 1830. The shogunate is falling. A strong wind is blowing from the northwest. It is not his most famous work, but this is my favorite woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai. It is called "Ejiri in Suruga Province." It is the 10th image in his renowned series, "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji." I love it most for how it captures an instant with an exactitude that feels almost photographic. Here now

A plane crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. It was the first time a plane had crashed into a building in the United States. It was also the first time that terrorists had used airplanes to kill people.

27. If it's a nice problem to have, don't solve it now

David Nicholas WilliamsI turn ideas into productsBlog PostsOpen SourceConsultingFreelancingContactCVIf its a Nice Problem to Have Dont Solve it NowWhen building a product from scratch you need to do a lot of hard things all at once with limited resources The standard advice is to take an iterative approach prioritising things and then cycling quickly through them finding solutions just good enough to move things forwards before moving onto the next thingIts good advice but hard to follow in practice Often when you

Early on, don't be afraid of doing things that don't scale. In this particular example, my reset password functionality could be sending me an email and I have to reset the password manually and email you a temporary one that you can use. Bad solution, yes. Doesn't scale, of course. But if you have 5 customers, it's not a big deal and you can use your time on something else. The key here is to have good people in the team. A decent Senior Engineer

29. The Forgotten Ones: HP Nanoprocessor

provigil how long does it last provigil comprar online provigil prescription dosage provigil vs nuvigil phenergan and pregnancy phenergan suppository side effects phenergan suppository uses CPU History Museum for Intel CPUs AMD Processor Cyrix Microprocessors Microcontrollers and more Total CPUs 4000 Total Manufacturers 120 Total EPROMs 1000 Home About Pictures Reference Trade Links Contact Us Test BoardsProductsThe

This bias voltage was dependent on manufacturing variables so was not always the same chip to chip The goal would be 5VDC Each chip was tested and the voltage was hand written on the chipWow With todays processor tolerances thats crazy to imagine happeningI was also surprised the ALU was an add on I guess it makes sense if all you need is to control something on a basic level and not run softwareIm curious how they handled ALU specific instructions if an ALU isnt present Does the decode

30. Wiki Bankruptcy

The wiki is a website where people can make their own pages and post their own information. The wiki is like a library. People can look at the pages and find out information. But if the pages are not updated, they are not very useful. If a page is not updated for a long time, it is like a book that has not been checked out in a long time. It might be hard to find. If a page is updated, it is like a book that has been checked out

Its a good idea to write documentation in plain language that anyone can understand.