Some of the clients I've worked with.

Interactive World Map (Frontend)

Sophie Zamel wanted to to display the origin of the materials used in the crafting of their jewels. The design agency Functional Brands LLC delivered the designs.

The result is a responsive page, with a GeoJSON-based geographically accurate projection of the world.

The client can use the Shopify interface I've built to to directly change any information on the map—including adding new countries to the list—and it just works.

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Search Engine (UI/Backend)

Qatalog wanted to add search to their app. I've worked with their designers and engineers to deliver a split-second search experience.

I've delivered an extensible module, making it easy to adapt it to future schema changes.

Now Qatalog users are able to perform full-text search across all of their data, with result clustering, filtering, and sorting.

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Crypto Trading (UI/Backend)

AS Capital needed a tool to manage their portfolio. It had to show information from multiple accounts, place trades, and it had to be custody-less for their clients.

I've built them a web app that handles all the necessary functions to manage crypto funds in an easy, transparent, and secure way.

Now AS is able to rapidly place trades across all of his clients' accounts, and benefit from the timing of the market.

Infrastructure (AWS)

PlanX needed to migrate their stack over to AWS. This includes database, servers, and the webapp.

I've re-created their infrastructure as code. Which works as documentation and allows for reproducible environments.

Now OSL is using the battle-tested infrastructure from Amazon, while having an easy to use and mature DevOps system.

ML Email Routing (Backend)

Invisible receives a ton of emails every day. They wanted to save on operating costs by automating their email routing process.

I've trained and deployed for them a machine-learning model. Incoming email is automatically classified based on its content. This solution increased operator efficiency by 10x.

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